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12.6.2016: Bugfixing and TeamHeader as new feature.
   * in Firefox with GetFontSize (thanks to Frank Jäger)
   * NoButton is selected it worked only with one board (thanks to Frank Jäger)
   * Fix Bug in Firefox: does not update games, after a browser reaload button.
   * Introduce TeamHeader: A comma separated list displays a header above each row.(idea and patch by Frank Jäger.



 Changes due to embedding of the viewer into Joomla. Switch from tables to divs for the core board and notation, to improve robustness.



Minor changes switch to eitschess (from ichess)

Remark: The viewer runs very solid and stable, that is the only reason for the long update cycles.



add <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" > in index.html in order to force IE10 into compatibility mode, otherwise the pieces are not displayed, No changes in the .js file



Add arrow keys (keyboard) to forward/backward moves, if not in live mode, if more than one board, the first board is taken, which is not in live mode.




Correct count down for dgt boards, when actual time is not provided via *{h:mm:sec}, up to rev. 1.0d the clock is set to last moves clock every time an (unchanged) update occurs. With this version, an update only occurs if the loaded data have been changed.




Remove a small bug, that messed up the time count down some times if the time is not cleanly entered.




BugFix: Eliminate NaN:NaN:NaN in clock display when clock goes below 0; Bug:Disable posting.html loading when no posting is present

1.0b  15.8.2011

Add Id to the Table Cells of each Game, in the form of "BoardCell-<BNr>", this allows to shift entire boards to a different position (thanks to Frank Jaeger); 

Bug: Remove bug in proc ModifyTOMA, where now any carriage return is replaced by a ' ' space rather than an empty character

ScrollIntoView now obsolete, replaced by a reliable function in RefreshBoard

Bug: Replace in Procedure: UpdateFile ..imeout("UpdateFile(0)",200).. instea ..imeout("UpdateFile(1)",200), which leads to an endless load-loop when load time exceeds 1 sec




Remove small bug in GetFontSize() when multiple .css files are present w/o Font defintion.




Include DGT-TOMA pgn time tag format (thanks for input from Christian Eichner This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Michail Prevenios, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Introduce a AlternateColor Variable, which allows to automatically rotate boards at the beginning

Remove Bug in IE (all versions), which results in reload does not properly clean up the sleeping tasks

Improvement on the posting part

Remove Bug in RotateBoard: Time and Names were not properly reversed

Remove Bug in AnalyzePGN which prevents proper stop of analysis, and caused an error if there were more boards than games

Remove Bug in function getHttpRequest, when posting is switched off



Introduction of posting capability

Cookie setting for remembering the displayed game after a reload/refresh / removing a bug in IE8 cookie handling

Viewer proved in in seven more tournaments since June 2010

ScrollIntoView variable set to "true" only if one single board is displayed

PresetGames variable introduced, in order to display any predefined order for the games (default same order as in .pgn file)

+...x small changes and improvements.

0.99 /0.99a

24.6.2010 /29.6.2010

0.99a: removal of a small bug: change of games only updated when board is refreshed.

Modify time count down in a way, that only if game is in progress the count down is active.

Add Cookie in order to ensure that after refresh of the page the displayed games remain as were

Evaluate a Tag called [ServerTime "hh:mm:ss"] at the beginning of the pgn file, which is displayed in the bottom section of the viewer. This gives a direct indication when the last update has been received by the viewer.

Evaluates a Tag called [UpdateInterval "

.htaccess files removed due to issues on various servers, please contact me if you'd like to get .htaccess performance guidelines



add local.html and corresponding css tags/switches in the JS code for local viewing

change demo to external php file (demo.php) which takes over task of only partially import a pgn file, this results in a 100% compatible processing between demo and real broadcasting mode.

implement time count down and evaluation of "current time tag" attached to the "*" at the end of an active game.This results in something like 1. e4 {1:39:50} * {1:40:00}. When the ichess broadcasting software updates this time tag a almost "real time" experience can be observed. Works together with the "TimeCountDown = true;" switch.

add .htaccess control for minimum bandwidth requirements

Important Note: the .zip archive also contains .htaccess files for control of an apache server (defines caching and compression of the .pgn file). It greatly reduces the amount of data transferred, but not all servers like this, so if you have issues getting program to start, please remove those files in the corresponding directories.



add class "none" for image import

cleanup of the .zip package


* 0.95a


remove wrong field bug




Scalability of the boards

Multiple board capability

Code Cleanup

Change demo procedure to single file

Demo section included




Removal of some smaller bugs




First published version