The viewer has two sources of configuration parameters:

  • The game parameters are configured via a set of global Javascript parameters, whose default values can be overwritten in the actual index.html file. Overwriting the parameters rather than modifying them directly in the ichess.js file has the advantage, that the JS code remains untouched, and any update will not destroy the configuration, but nevertheless full control is achieved.
  • The styles are mostly configured via a style sheet, which resides by default in css/ichess.css. Again it is most convenient to modify style settings directly in the index.html file rather than manipulating the css/ichess.css file.

eitschess.js versus eitschess_min.js

The js/ichess.js file is heavily documented and therefore approx. 60kByte in size, whereas js/eitschess_min.js is a stripped version of eitschess.js and is as small as 40kByte.
As this file has to be loaded at the beginning of each session, it is recommended to use only the eitschess_min.js file for actual live broadcasting. 

Note: The eitschess_min.js file is generated with the JSMin tool by Douglas Crockford. If your web server does the job in the background ... even better!.

Configuration Parameters



Default Value

PgnFileName Defines the URI path where the pgn file is located, no cross site retrival is recommended, as many browsers will prevent loading or at least ask the user for permission.

This variable determines the reload interval, by default it is set to 5 seconds, be careful when using short update intervals and have many boards simultaniously displayed, there is quite a bit of calculation associated with the update, and particularly on the IE family the Javascript engines are very poor. So if you see performance issues, reduce the number of boards and increase the update interval. 

Another consideration may be the required bandwidth for broadcasting: Given a .pgn filesize of 10kByte, and an update interval of 20 sec, then 100 people watching concurrently consume a bandwidth of: 50kByte/sec, or a traffic of 180MByte/hour. Make sure that your provider does appreciate this.

 if a tag [UpdateInterval="nn"] occurs in the .pgn file, the variable is modified accordingly. So the Eitschess broadcasting software can dynamically control the The updateinterval for the users without any delay and need to restart the program.

5 sec
 Scale  The Scale parameter defines the size of the board, a scale of 1.0 results in a field size of 55px. Whenever possible use Scale parameters that can be "easily scaled such as 0.5, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 etc. Also be aware that not all browsers perform scaling equally well. Particularly intire Internet Explorer family is not very good in. Scaling works well in all "modern" browsers such as Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Together with parameter Rows and Cols, Scale allows simultanious display of multiply boards.
 Rows  Defines the number of rows to be displayed simultaneously
 Cols  Defines the number of columns to be displayed simulaneously
 InitialClock  InitialClock: The initial clock variable defines the time, which should be displayed, when there are no moves yet, setting this variable is not mandatory for the functional operation.
 IsDemo  If this variable is set to 1, the program will skip some moves each time it realoads the pgn-file (less each time), this variable must be set to zero not defined at all in order to allow proper broadcasting function.
 PieceName  Describes the standard algebraic notation for the piece names as delivered by the pgn file
i.e English
ShowPieceName This string describes the SAN, i.e. how the pieces should be displayed
i.e German
FontSize  defines the nominal FontSize for the unscaled viewer in pt. Note: as not all browers support the conversion from pt to pixel, a screen resolution of 96 dpi is assumed in such cases 12pt
DisableURI By setting this variable to 1, the URI (command line parameters) are no longer interpreted, so the organizer can vor instance prevent manipulating the update frequency from the client side false

When broadcasting muliple games, the pull down menu usually allows the selection of the desired game. By default the first game in the .pgn file is displayed on the first board, second in the second etc. By supplying a comma separated list variable, the displayed games can be pre-set. Example:

PresetGames="2,4,5"; // Starts with Game 0

will start with third game, followed by the 5th and 6th.

Variable not defined;

Posting Configuration Parameters

Beginning with Rev.0.99 a simple posting section has been introduced, in order to allow broadcast messages (for technical reasons, but also for user comments.



Default Value


Enables/Disables the entire Posting section

AllowPostings = 0; // disables the entire postings
AllowPostings = 1; // Postings from all users postings allowed
AllowPostings = 2; // allow only specific users to posts

i.e. if AllowPosts is set to 0 in general index.html file, a separate index-posts.html startfile could be generated and made available to specific users, .css Style Sheet where AllowPosts variable is set to 2; then those users can post. In addtion, if a tag [AllowPosting="1/2/0"] occurs in the .pgn file, the variable is modified dynamically. So the Eitschess broadcasting software can dynamically control the permission for posts.

DisplayPostings Possible values: l=left,r=right,t=top,b=bottom or anything else to disable the display of the posting section. By default posting is disabled. n