Welcome to the Eitschess Live Broadcasting Chess Viewer

This site hosts all information, on how live broadcasting games can be displayed on a website.

Key Features 
  1. Optimized for the Eitschess Broadcasting System but usable for any chess live broadcasting event.
  2. Pure Javascript/Ajax viewer, no Flash player necessary, no Java VM required, no issues with proxies and firewalls
  3. Extremely small, the Javascript program is only less than 50kByte in size, hence it loads extremely fast, the piece pictures which add another 20k but are loaded only once and remain in the cache.
  4. Handles multiple games in a pgn file, lets you select the game via pull-down menu
  5. Can handle multiple boards!
  6. Particularly optimized for live broadcasting, visible count down to next game refresh.
  7. Can handle time tag (if properly added, optimized for iChess broadcasting system)
  8. Easy configurable, use your html file or configure directly via the URI
  9. Extremely easy to insert into own web page, just insert three lines into your html file, and it will work (see Demos and information).
  10. Style and colors handling via the ichess.css style sheet
  11. lets you easily customize the outlook of the boards, all scaling done automatically
  12. It is free! Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License (free but must contain the link to this page)
  13. Runs on virtually any modern browser, tested on IE6.0, IE7.0, FireFox2/3, Opera, Safari (Windows), Konqueror (Linux), tested under Windows, Linux and iPhone OS 2.2/3.0)
  14. The viewer works on all mobile devices such as iPhone, and iPads, enjoy the mobility