Board to Board/Computer  SERIAL  RJ12 Jack, 19.2kBaud/8,1,n
 Board to Clock  I2C   RJ9 Jack

 both sides of the board 

 Multi Board Arrangement  Serialized  
Computer Connector Serial2USB

Std Board to Board Connector Cable Interface on the serial side of the converter, no special cable configuration required

The ready-to-use interface is part of the system


Cabling is performed by 4-4wire "telephone" cables, which can be crimped to RJ-12 and RJ-9 plugs respectively with industry standard tools. Ask for the interface description if required.

Connection to any computer/laptop is made by a serial to USB adapter, which is delivered as part of the system.

For each board two cables of 1.5m and 9m respectively are part of the shipment as well as a 40cm board-to-clock cable.