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Welcome to Eitschess 

We are a developer and producer and of electronic chess broadcasting systems, offering everything required for an outstanding chess live broadcasting experience. Experience the worlds's most advanced fully digital RFID technology for detection and localisation of the chessmen, which results in an outstandingly accurate and at the same time robust position detection of the chessmen on the boards.

A lean and versatile open source internet viewer lets you easily embed your broadcasting into your own websites. Have a look on the viewer section and see the viewer live in a demo mode.

Last but not least we offer broadcasting services, proven in more than a hundred tournaments since 2008. For many years now the Eitschess broadcasting system is used for German Schachbundesliga, the strongest chess league in the world.

The site now combines the former ichess.de site for the viewer documentation as well as the eitschess.de page for the broadcasting system